In my path as a breastfeeding first-time mother, Zane has helped me so much with her genuine support. I was so worried about so many things, but she calmly listened and guided me. And most importantly – she trusted my instincts; she trusted me when I did not. I started to listen to myself and my baby more and the opinions of others did not have as much impact anymore. I met her for the first time through consultation and during the first few minutes, it felt we have met long ago.

I absolutely recommend her as a support person for your journey into parenthood as a first-timer or being already more experienced.

— Liga 

The assistance of Zane as a Childbirth Educator and a Doula has been invaluable as I got ready for the arrival of my little one. Especially during pandemic. She was able to truly listen to me when I much needed it. Also, she has a great knowledge of various evidence-based resources, and she applies them seamlessly as needed.

I do recommend her for all and for first-time moms in particular.

— Elza

Once again, I wish to thank Zane for teaching and reminding me the skills and knowledge required as I became a first-time parent. Even though her assistance was remotely provided, it felt as she was just right next to me. Sweet, supportive and genuine person who puts her whole heart in teaching and supporting her clients. She is well able to touch topics and matters that most health professionals would rather prefer to avoid. For example - that the process of induction most likely will become overwhelming at some stage. I also felt heard when spoke about parallels of such matters as being born and the end-of-life stage. It made me reconsider a lot and I will have food for thought for a long time to come. If we haven't had these conversations, I might never have put my feelings and thoughts into words and for this, I am forever grateful. A wise woman. Wisdom of a Latvian Folklore and Rituals who introduced me to quite few meaningful Dainas (Latvian folk poems), told me about the importance of the family system and roots. Zane emphasizes the importance of natural labour and birth and exclusive breastfeeding if at all possible. She has provided me with countless sources that are evidence-based and carefully structured. She encourages to apply affirmations and solution-oriented way of thinking. If You feel like making a playlist for Your labour and birth, Zane has many ideas and suggestions, and she will fit them to Your taste. It has to be said that, if required, she is ready to support You once the baby has arrived as well - showing how to care for the Newborn and most importantly - Yourself!  

— Simona

We acquired valuable knowledge that encompassed not only the mere physiological aspects of childbirth (the waiting period, delivery, and the first months with the baby) but also the psychological dimension. 

A significant advantage is that both partners can attend the classes, fostering understanding not only for the woman but also for the man, who needs to prepare emotionally. 

The impact of the classes was particularly evident when going to the hospital, as well as during the initial months of household life after childbirth - moments when we could remind each other, "But Zane did mention that."

- Madara